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 Nature First

Wilderness experiences are highly important to me. I spend a lot of time in remote wilderness areas photographing and being inspired by the natural world, and when I do, I make sure to follow both Leave No Trace principles and Nature First principles. I also consider it to be of the utmost importance to preserve Americans’ access to our public lands, whether they be administered by the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, or any other land management agency.

The Nature First Principles

  1. Prioritize the well-being of nature over photography.

  2. Educate yourself about the places you photograph.

  3. Reflect on the possible impact of your actions.

  4. Use discretion if sharing locations.

  5. Know and follow rules and regulations.

  6. Always follow Leave No Trace principles and strive to leave places better than you found them.

  7. Actively promote and educate others about these principles

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The Leave No Trace Principles

  1. Plan ahead and prepare

  2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces

  3. Dispose of waste properly

  4. Leave what you find

  5. Minimize campfire impacts

  6. Respect wildlife

  7. Be considerate to other visitors

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Public lands

Americans’ ability to recreate on our public lands is one of the greatest things about this country. We’re incredibly privileged to have the right to access such huge and varied lands, and that right ought to be as sacred as the right to free speech. Please consider supporting one of the organizations below to help protect your access to your land. Keep public lands in public hands.

Protect Our Public Land

The Wilderness Society

National Wildlife Federation

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

Western Watersheds Project